Relative of six individuals who died in Coweta house fire cherishes memories only

Afternoon was spent by Brooke Walker and her brother-in-law, Michael, sifting through the remains of a destructive fire.

In their search for memories of loved ones lost in the fire, they scoured for any photos or phones that could hold sentimental value.

Walker expressed, “The only thing I possess are the memories that I have here.”

Michael, the brother-in-law, was too overwhelmed to communicate with Channel 2 Action News. He experienced a tragic loss of three individuals in the fire: his partner of many years, Katie, along with his two sons, Johnathan and Jared.

According to Walker, Katie was a devoted mother who adored her children and also held a job at a nearby Pre-K/daycare center.

According to Walker, “She had a way of making everyone feel loved and could bring joy to any situation with her humor.”

According to her, Katie’s sons had a great passion for baseball and maintained a close bond with her eight-year-old daughter.

Walker reminisced about the sweet, kind, and loving nature of the individuals he was playing baseball with in their yard. It is unfathomable to comprehend that they are no longer present with us.

Early Monday morning, as soon as they received the first 911 call, firefighters quickly rushed to the family home. Upon arrival, they found that five members of the family had already made it safely outside. However, they were informed that six others were still trapped inside the house.

According to Coweta Fire Capt. Matt Williams, a thermal imaging camera had to be used to locate the six members of the family due to the intensity of the smoke. They were found before proceeding through a room located near a back window.

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Unfortunately, all six family members who were trapped in the fire could not be saved, despite the heroic efforts of the firefighters. Katie, her parents, her two sons, and her nephew all passed away due to the severity of the situation.

According to Coweta County Fire Chief Robby Flanagan, the tragic incident that occurred in the Coweta fire resulted in the highest number of casualties in his 28 years of experience working in fire and rescue.

According to Walker, she empathizes with the other family involved in the situation. As for her and her brother-in-law, they plan to move forward and cherish the memories of their beloved family members.

Walker expressed his love and longing for his audience by stating, “I love y’all, and I miss y’all, and I will see you on the other side.”

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