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Call out hate

Politics can be a tiring and dramatic affair, but it doesn’t have to be. In North Carolina, we have the opportunity to achieve significant outcomes for our citizens through respectful and meaningful dialogue. It is entirely possible for us to engage in conversations about our differences and find common ground.

Some national and North Carolina political candidates engage in hateful rhetoric and exhibit bullying behavior, all while claiming to uphold the principles of Christianity. It is important to remember that the Bible is meant to promote love, not hate. This is a direct criticism of individuals such as Donald Trump, Mark Robinson, Dan Bishop, and Michele Morrow.

In the upcoming election, we are faced with crucial decisions. It is imperative that we speak out against hate and disrespect whenever we encounter them, and most importantly, refrain from voting for such attitudes. We have the capability to strive for better.

Margaret Pritchard from Littleton.

Michele Morrow

Michele Morrow does not have enough experience for the job she is currently applying for.

In the corporate world, it is not common for a mail room clerk to be promoted to the role of CEO. This is primarily due to the lack of experience for such a high-level position.

Morrow does not participate in her local schools as she prefers to homeschool. However, she is proposing to take on a role that demands experience in budgeting, specifically overseeing an $11-billion-plus budget, as well as ensuring appropriate actions for all school districts. Prior to seeking this position, she should consider finding a more local avenue to get involved in North Carolina schools and public service. By doing so, she can make positive changes and gain the necessary expertise for the position she desires.

Victor Wilkerson from Durham.


The Republican candidate vying for the leadership of North Carolina’s public schools, Michele Morrow, has chosen to evade accountability for her previous remarks advocating for the “killing” of President Joe Biden and the televised execution of Barack Obama. Despite multiple occasions to either reaffirm or apologize for her comments, she has opted to complain about media scrutiny and progressive criticism, labeling them as “gotcha” questions. It is crucial to recognize that she bears sole responsibility for her offensive remarks. The dissemination of lies, promotion of hatred, and endorsement of conspiracy theories should never be tolerated from anyone entrusted with the education of our students.

Mark Slattery, from Raleigh, mentioned that he was excited about the upcoming event.

School vouchers

North Carolina is experiencing a disheartening day as our public school system faces a significant setback. This setback comes in the form of a deceptive “free choice” voucher system, which, under the guise of providing options, uses taxpayer money to assist millionaires in sending their children to private schools.

Families who are unable to afford private schooling or opt not to enroll their children in a religious institution often find themselves in a deteriorating public school system. These schools suffer from inadequate funding, low attendance rates, and a lack of resources. Consequently, the teachers and staff are underpaid, understaffed, and undervalued, resulting in an overall sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

The detrimental consequences of this legislation will reverberate throughout our society for years to come. Shame on the politicians who disregarded the governor’s veto and forcefully pushed this legislation forward.

My name is Roy Friedland, and I am from Greensboro.

No Labels

A vote for a candidate who aligns with the “No Labels” movement would ultimately support Donald Trump. While voters may have good intentions, whether it’s to express discontent or to reject the inefficiency of Congress, those contemplating such a choice should recall the past candidacies of George Wallace, Ross Perot, John Anderson, Ralph Nader, and Jill Stein. These candidates drew votes away from the electoral majorities and ended up handing victory to candidates who hindered our progress.

Stephen Jaffe, from Durham.

No to GOP budget

The Republican Study Committee, consisting of 80% of House Republicans and 100% of House GOP leadership, has recently unveiled a budget proposal that seeks to reduce Social Security by over $1.5 trillion and raise the retirement age to 69.

President Biden has been vocal about his commitment to protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare, rather than cutting them to benefit the super wealthy. He emphasizes the need for the wealthy to pay their fair share, stating, “Instead of cutting Social Security and Medicare to give tax breaks to the super wealthy, I’m going to make the wealthy begin to pay their fair share.” This highlights his focus on ensuring the sustainability and accessibility of these vital social programs.

I am in favor of the Democratic proposal to safeguard Social Security from reductions and ensure that billionaires contribute their fair share of taxes. Conversely, I am against the plan put forth by Trump and the Republicans.

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