Professional golfer chooses spectator from the crowd to replace injured caddie in unusual turn of events

On Sunday during the Canadian Open, a lucky golf fan had the unexpected opportunity of a lifetime.

During the event at Hamilton Golf & Country Club, C.T. Pan’s regular caddie unfortunately got injured on the third hole. To fill in the gap, Paul Emerson, a spectator, stepped up and caddied for Pan for two holes. The mishap occurred when the caddie slipped down a hill.

According to, Emmerson approached the golfer, Pan, when he was walking his caddie, Mike “Fluff” Cowan, to a medic on the side of the fairway.

In a video shared by the Tour, Emerson can be seen holding the caddie’s bib while making his way up the fairway.

Rory McIlroy attributes his sluggish start at the Canadian Open to his caddie’s celebratory birthday dinner, which involved a few too many drinks.

Emmerson, clad in a red Masters shirt and a blue cap, quickly donned the bib before walking over to greet another caddie, extending his hand for a friendly shake.

“I assisted Fluff in removing the bib, swiftly putting it on myself, and proceeded to ascend the hole,” Emerson recounted to

Tiger Woods is feeling frustrated about his game, but he is also trying not to put too much pressure on his son’s career.

During the final round, C.T. Pan found himself in need of a replacement caddie after his regular caddie, Mike “Fluff” Cowan, suffered an injury from a fall. In a stroke of luck, Pan was able to enlist the help of a fan to step in and carry his bag. This unexpected turn of events showcases the camaraderie and support within the golfing community, as a fan stepped up to assist a professional player in his time of need. A heartwarming moment that highlights the special bond between golfers and their fans.

Emmerson assisted Pan as his caddie until the fifth hole, at which point Michael Campbell, a member of the caddie services team, took over the responsibilities.

Al Riddell, the caddie for Paul Barjon, came to Pan’s assistance on the 10th hole, helping him complete the round.

Emmerson, who hails from Aurora, Ontario, had the opportunity to caddy for a friend in a pro-am at the LPGA’s CPKC Women’s Open. During his conversation with Pan, Emmerson assured the golfer that he would be there to support him, whether he wanted to engage in conversation or preferred to focus on the game.

Emerson, an avid golf enthusiast, expressed his excitement during an encounter with Shane Lowry and his caddie. He described his heart racing with anticipation as he approached them, eagerly extending his hand for a handshake. The moment passed swiftly as they moved on to the next hole, allowing Emerson a brief pause to check his buzzing phone.

“I couldn’t help but joke about how I was eagerly anticipating a beautiful view on the fourth hole.”

Pan had a solid finish on Sunday, shooting a 1-under 69 to secure a tied 36th place in the tournament.

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