Police say neighbors catch intruder breaking into deceased man’s home

Residents of a neighborhood in Cobb County have captured and shared video footage that captures the moment when they claim law enforcement officials detained a trespasser who had allegedly broken into their deceased neighbor’s residence.

A neighbor captured footage of the suspect being apprehended while he was in handcuffs.

Channel 2’s Michael Seiden reported from Powder Springs on Monday, highlighting the proactive role of vigilant neighbors who observed and reported suspicious activities.

Neighbors reported seeing a U-Haul truck entering the driveway approximately two weeks ago.

George Kalb, 48, was arrested after Cob County Police stormed his home, as captured in a gripping iPhone video shared by a neighbor.

Darryl Huffman resides on Goldenwood Court, where he shares a story about his late neighbor. Unfortunately, his neighbor passed away last summer, and as a result, the house fell into foreclosure. Subsequently, the property has been uninhabited ever since.

On April 16, everything changed for him. It was on that day when he witnessed Kalb arrive with the moving van.

According to Huffman, the man was rummaging through some papers, seemingly eager to show him. He mentioned the possibility of relocating certain items, explaining that the previous owner had left some belongings behind.

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