Philadelphia DA Withdraws Arrest Warrant for Rep. Kevin Boyle

District Attorney Larry Krasner acknowledged that the warrant was issued based on accurate and truthful information. However, he also admitted that there was a crucial piece of information that was missing, which they were only able to confirm today.

According to Krasner, the PFA order was no longer effective during the relevant dates when Mr. Boyle was accused of violating it.

During the Monday evening press conference, he chose not to provide specific details.

He informed reporters that, according to the current information, which is more comprehensive than the previously deemed accurate information, there is no probable cause to justify the warrant for arrest.

Krasner emphasized that he does not perceive any ill intentions from either the Philadelphia Police Department or his office.

According to him, there was no deliberate dishonesty involved. It was just a case of missing information.

According to Krasner, the analysis is being altered due to the newly confirmed information.

Boyle, a Democrat representing a portion of Northeast Philadelphia, is featured on the ballot for the upcoming Democratic primary election taking place on Tuesday.

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