Paul Pelosi Attacker Receives Federal Sentencing: Pelosi Family Shares Statements

A man who was found guilty of burglarizing the residence of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and assaulting her husband, Paul Pelosi, with a hammer has received a 30-year prison sentence.

In a statement released on Friday, the Pelosi family expressed their immense pride in their father’s bravery and resilience during the attack. They highlighted his courage in saving his own life that night and commended his testimony in the case. The family also expressed their deep gratitude to all those who have sent love and prayers during Mr. Pelosi’s ongoing recovery, emphasizing their immense appreciation for the support received over the past eighteen months.

Christine Pelosi, daughter of the Pelosis, made a courtroom appearance on Friday, where she delivered victim impact statements on behalf of the family. This update was reported by San Francisco ABC station KGO.

David DePape faced legal consequences in November 2023 after being found guilty of the break-in and assault that took place at the Pelosis’ residence in San Francisco on October 28, 2022.

DePape confessed that his intention was to confront Nancy Pelosi and inquire about Russian interference in the 2016 election. He had planned to hold her hostage, but upon breaking into her residence, he found only Paul Pelosi present.

During his testimony, Paul Pelosi revealed that DePape persistently inquired about the whereabouts of Nancy.

During the trial, DePape expressed remorse for the harm caused, stating, “I’m sorry that he got hurt.” He further explained that his reaction was prompted by the fact that his plan had been essentially foiled.

Federal prosecutors sought a 40-year prison sentence for DePape after he was found guilty of attempting to kidnap a federal officer or employee and assaulting a close relative of a federal official.

Prosecutors emphasized that the defendant’s intentions to impart violent lessons are not tolerated in our country, and thus, the imposed sentence must accurately reflect the severity and context of the offense.

According to The Associated Press, DePape’s attorneys requested a 14-year sentence.

DePape has also been charged at the state level, including attempted murder, and he has entered a plea of not guilty. His trial at the state level is scheduled to commence on May 22nd.

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