Opposition from College Park residents and mayor to demolition of ballfield

The sale of a beloved baseball park is in progress, as plans to construct a new residential community take shape.

During his Thursday report, Christian Jennings from Channel 2 spoke with members of the community who strongly believe that the park should remain as it is.

The future of Bill Evans Field in College Park seems uncertain as it may no longer be accessible to local children and Clark Atlanta players for their recreational activities.

The Business and Industrial Development Authority of College Park has made a decision to sell the field, despite Mayor Bianca Motley Broom’s opposing vote.

Channel 2 interviewed Broom regarding the sale of Bill Evans field and the back half of the practice field. Broom expressed his dissenting view, stating that he believed preserving greenspace was crucial.

Broom believed that the price of $1.5 million offered by the development authority for the land was undervalued, considering the vast size of the property.

According to Broom, he may not be an appraiser, but he strongly believes that the price offered is undervalued. He also mentioned that this is one of the reasons why he is not in favor of the sale.

The mere thought of losing the ballfield is causing Althea Morris immense heartbreak.

Morris disagreed with the decision of the city to sell the greenspace and incorporate it into an apartment complex. As a grandparent to a year-round cheerleader in the area, Morris emphasized the importance of having a dedicated greenspace for children to play and enjoy. He believed that the current greenspace provided an ideal environment for kids to engage in physical activities and outdoor recreation.

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According to Channel 2 Action News, supporters of the sale intend to construct a new field on an 18-acre property located approximately three miles away from Bill Evans Field.

On Thursday evening, Mayor Pro-Tem Roderick Gay made a statement to Channel 2 Action News, expressing his belief that the field is not being used to its full potential.

According to his statement, the site is set to undergo a significant transformation in the near future. The Russell Group, a prominent company, has committed to investing over $100 million into the site to facilitate the renovation process.

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