This week, Keir Starmer, the new British Prime Minister, to meet Biden in D.C.

On Monday, the White House announced that President Joe Biden will be hosting British Prime Minister Keir Starmer during NATO’s 75th anniversary and bilateral meetings in Washington D.C. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday and marks the first time the two leaders will be meeting since Starmer’s election.

The meetings of the nations take place from Tuesday to Thursday.

Sweden is one of the 32 member countries of NATO.

The Friday general election witnessed a resounding triumph for Britain’s Labor Party, resulting in the ousting of the ruling Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who had been in power for 14 years.

In a statement, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre mentioned that President Biden is excited about his upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Starmer and will emphasize the significance of further enhancing the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to her statement, the two leaders will have a chance to thoroughly discuss various issues concerning U.S.-UK cooperation. These topics will include providing support to Ukraine, promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific, achieving a ceasefire and hostage release agreement in Gaza, preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and reinforcing the coalition to combat Iranian-backed Houthi threats to commercial shipping.

During the discussion, the topic of bilateral cooperation will be furthered, with a focus on protecting advanced technologies and developing climate and clean energy solutions. This was confirmed by the speaker, who stated that these areas will be specifically addressed.

According to the White House, Biden and Starmer had a conversation on Friday.

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On Friday morning, Starmer, the former leader of the Labor Party since 2020, met with King Charles in London. During the audience, the monarch extended an invitation to Starmer to form a new government under his leadership.

Scheduled events will take place at the convention center, the White House, and the Mellon Auditorium. It’s worth noting that the North Atlantic Treaty was signed in 1949 at the Mellon Auditorium, which is one of the venues for these events.

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