One suspect arrested for pointing four guns at a Mississippi mother in a carjacking incident

Last week, a group of individuals with guns carjacked a mother in a Whitehaven apartment complex in Mississippi. The mom involved in the incident reports feeling emotionally scarred from the terrifying experience.

Mosby recounted the harrowing experience when she opened her car door and was confronted by unknown individuals. Uncertain if they spoke to her, she quickly exited her vehicle and offered it to them. She expressed her fear, not knowing if she would survive the encounter or see her loved ones again. Mosby’s words are a reminder of the terror and trauma that victims of theft and violence can experience.

As the carjackers sped away in her 2020 Honda Civic, Mosby recounted how they had kept their guns trained on her until they were out of sight.

“When my friend opened her door, I rushed in crying hysterically. She immediately called the police,” recounted Mosby.

Throughout the day, Mosby’s family members caught sight of the Honda Civic multiple times in Whitehaven. However, the car was later found by the police on Dunn Avenue in East Memphis, and the driver was apprehended shortly after.

According to the investigators, K’vion Murphy, who is 18 years old, fled from the vehicle and was later discovered hiding underneath a shed.

According to officers, the video cameras installed in their squad cars captured footage of Murphy being pursued. During the chase, another male individual was seen removing a gun from the Civic. Later on, the authorities discovered the weapon, a Smith & Wesson, in a residence located in the 3700 block of Dunn.

After the police located her car in a timely manner, Mosby expressed her relief. However, she now has concerns about driving alone.

She expressed her fear and reliance on pain medications to fall asleep. The haunting memory of the four individuals pointing guns at her is permanently etched in her mind, and she cannot shake it off. The incident has left her in a state of terror and unease.

According to Mosby, the situation was compounded by the fact that she discovered Murphy had been arrested for a comparable offense in December and had been released on bond.

According to court documents, Murphy faced charges of aggravated robbery following an incident where an individual was held at gunpoint in the 4400 block of Macon Road.

According to the victim’s statement to the police, he was robbed by two men who were armed. They took his wallet, while the third man took his Ford 500. In a terrifying turn of events, one of the robbers even fired a shot at him. After two weeks, the investigators were able to track down and apprehend Murphy, who was found sitting in the driver’s seat of the stolen truck.

Mosby expressed her disappointment in the system’s failure, stating, “They are failing us. They fail us.” She pointed out the irony of releasing someone for carjacking only for them to commit the same offense again, questioning the logic behind such actions. “What is your point? What do you think he is gonna do? The right thing? Like, that’s not logic.” Mosby’s frustration with the system’s shortcomings was evident in her words.

Murphy faced severe charges this time, including carjacking, theft of property, and using a firearm during a risky felony. The court set his bond at a hefty $100,000, and Mosby is determined to ensure that he remains behind bars.

She stated firmly, “I will attend every court hearing. He must not be granted any bond whatsoever.”

The court has set Murphy’s next appearance for June 27. As of now, the police are continuing their search for the remaining suspects involved in the case.

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