New York City & Northeast to Experience Season’s Lowest Temperatures

Hello, everyone! As we move forward, we are keeping an eye on the influx of cool to chilly air that will continue to move in over the next few weeks. The first push is expected tomorrow, which will result in a chilly Halloween night and a cool Wednesday. Following that, temperatures are expected to moderate, leading to a beautiful weekend. However, we may experience another drop in temperature next week, which could potentially bring the first freeze overnight to certain parts of the NYC Metro Area.

It’s still early to determine the exact form of a larger system that may occur sometime in the second week of November. However, we’re keeping a close eye on the prospects. As of now, the temperature seems to be on the lower side, falling in the near-average to below average range for the first half of the month.


Expect to see some clouds, fog, drizzle, and general dreariness today. Temperatures will range from 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit, but cooler air will move in overnight, bringing some partial clearing. Don’t expect the lows to drop below 40 as the clouds will act as a blanket.

Tomorrow, we can anticipate a gradual increase in sunshine, resulting in a pleasant day with temperatures hovering in the range of near 50 to low 50. As we head into the evening, it will turn chilly with lows ranging from mid to upper 30’s.

On Wednesday, the temperatures will range from chilly to cool, making it the coolest day of the week. The high temperatures will vary depending on your location, with the upper 40s to near 50 degrees being expected. Overnight, the temperatures will dip into the low to mid 30s, making it the coldest night of this airmass. It’s likely that frost will form in certain spots, particularly away from New York City.

Starting on Thursday, temperatures will be in the low 50s, with a dip back to the 35-40 range overnight. However, Friday will bring more sunshine and temperatures ranging from 55-60 degrees.

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming weekend promises to be sunny and pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 60-65 degrees. However, this brief spell of mild weather is expected to be short-lived as we can expect temperatures to dip back down to the 50-55 degree range by Monday. In fact, there is a possibility that temperatures may even drop down to the 40s by next Wednesday.

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