On Tuesday, Marietta City Schools to consider restricting student cell phone usage

The Marietta City School board is set to vote on Tuesday regarding the implementation of phone access limitations for a certain group of students.

Starting next school year, the school board is contemplating implementing a new rule that would necessitate students to lock away their cell phones and smartwatches in pouches every day at the beginning of school.

According to a press release from the district, this regulation will be enforced among pupils of Marietta Sixth Grade Academy and Marietta Middle School.

According to the recent statement by Superintendent Dr. Grant Rivera, cell phones, smartwatches, and social media are having a major impact on the learning and mental health of students. The primary objective of schools is to provide an environment conducive to learning and development, and this cannot be achieved if students are constantly being distracted by their phones. To address this issue, the proposed solution is to create a more focused and supportive educational environment.

According to research presented by the district, the average young person receives 237 notifications and spends over five hours on their electronic devices every day.

Rivera expressed his belief that the solution they have come up with will establish a benchmark for schools in managing the effects of technology on education. He emphasized their unyielding commitment to their students’ learning and mental well-being and expressed confidence in the initiative’s ability to bring about a remarkable difference.

According to the district’s research, the younger generation is bombarded with an average of 237 notifications on a daily basis, and they spend over five hours glued to their devices.

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Rivera expressed confidence in the initiative, stating that it sets a new standard for schools in managing the effects of technology on education. He emphasized the school’s unwavering commitment to students’ learning and mental health, believing that this solution will make a significant difference.

The school board meeting scheduled at 6 p.m. will host the voting process.

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