During his escape, thief drops stolen items from Walmart and collides with Lilburn police vehicle

According to Gwinnett County police, a man committed shoplifting at a Lilburn Walmart and fled the scene, causing a hit-and-run crash with a police officer’s patrol car in the process. The suspect is currently wanted by authorities for his actions.

The suspect, who has not been identified yet, is now facing more severe charges following the Friday afternoon crash that caused damage to the patrol car.

According to authorities, the suspect driving a stolen car on Lester Road collided with a police officer en route to Walmart on Lawrenceville Highway.

Afterwards, he proceeded to lead the police on a pursuit, ultimately managing to escape.

Cpt. Scott Bennett of Lilburn Police stated that individuals will go to great lengths to avoid being caught, even for minor offenses.

According to the police, he made an attempt to steal some costly items before their arrival.

According to Bennett, the suspect forcefully shoved the security officer aside, abandoning the Shark vacuum, Ninja blender, and LEGO sets he was attempting to steal before making a quick escape.

It has been alleged that he abandoned his two companions and departed in their vehicle.

Bennett stated that the vehicle has not been recovered yet, but there are multiple leads that they are actively pursuing.

Fortunately, the officer involved in the crash did not sustain any injuries. However, the front of her patrol car suffered damage as a result of the collision.

According to authorities, the rear side passenger door of the 2002 Acura sedan is expected to have sustained damage.

According to the police, the culprit, upon being apprehended, would be facing an array of charges beyond just shoplifting.

According to Bennett, once the individual is identified, there will be several pending charges for their attempted escape.

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