Oklahoma will implement hundreds of new laws on Wednesday

The scope of the new laws will include criminal justice, land ownership, and the protection of crime victims. Beginning on Wednesday, Oklahoma will establish two new alerts.

House Bill 1077 instituted the Kasey Alert System, which will be issued for a missing person who does not qualify for an Amber or Silver Alert. In addition, an Orange Alert will be issued. A senior in high school came up with the concept to notify people when a prisoner has escaped.

“I know that I will feel a lot better, because if you get that notification, you know, ‘OK, I need to stay in my house and stay around adults,'” said Katie Sue Edelmen, a college student.

It will also be unlawful for non-U.S. citizens to own land in Oklahoma. Several lawmakers expressed concern over the purchase of land by Chinese companies, labeling it a threat to national security.

“It is not limited to Norman. According to Lt. Cary Bryant of the Norman Police Department, it is widespread throughout Oklahoma and the United States.

KOCO 5 has reported on numerous catalytic converter thefts in the state. Beginning on Wednesday, law enforcement can seize any apparatus used to steal catalytic converters, as well as any profits made from the sale of their components.

Senate Bill 1000 assists the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in locating and processing unsubmitted rape samples. Thousands of victims of sexual assault in Oklahoma are still awaiting justice.

In addition, Oklahomans can legally carry fentanyl test strips without the strips being deemed drug paraphernalia, a move that lawmakers and law enforcement say will aid in combating the state’s drug epidemic.

All of the new regulations, plus hundreds more, went into effect at midnight on Nov. 1.

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