NYPD finds body in Flatbush apartment fridge

According to the police, a body was discovered inside a Flatbush apartment building’s refrigerator. A unit occupant is being held on a separate charge.

According to the NYPD, on Monday night, they went to the apartment located at 2069 Nostrand Ave. to perform a wellness check. Upon their arrival, they discovered a man’s corpse concealed within the refrigerator.
That’s unsettling. That’s what I would expect to see in a horror movie or a documentary. Not right around the corner from my house,” neighbor Nydia Gonzalez remarked.

The building’s occupants claim that a woman and her boyfriend resided in the apartment. They said there was a history of illegal behavior at the residence.

“The flat was in utter disarray. Tenant Eric Meres stated, “It was a mess.”

Officers were unable to reveal the victim’s identification or offer any details about what they thought transpired. Furthermore, it’s unclear how long the body was there. The medical examiner is still investigating the specific cause of the man’s death. According to police, no one has been accused in connection with the case.

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