Nicole Brown Simpson’s Children Were Informed of Her Death by Their Grandmother

Nicole Brown Simpson’s mother, Juditha, bravely assumed the challenging task of informing Nicole’s children about her passing, as shared by her sister, Dominique, in a recent interview.

In an interview with People, Dominique, Nicole’s sibling, provided insight into how the family coped with their devastating loss in the aftermath of Nicole’s murder, as the 30th anniversary approached. According to Dominique, Juditha, their mother, explained to Nicole’s young children, Sydney and Justin, who were only 8 and 5 years old at the time, that their mother was now in heaven.


Dominique remembered how she and her sisters took on the responsibility of caring for Sydney and Justin, doing their best to shield them from the terrifying truths of the situation.

She expressed, “I had a strong sense that it was my duty to take on that role. Denise’s son, Sydney, and my son, Justin, became like brothers. We did everything together – playing, eating, going to the beach. It was important for me to be there for them, to help them heal and create joyful memories.”


O.J. was later held responsible for the deaths of Nicole and Ron in a 1997 civil suit. The athlete, who was at the center of controversy, sadly succumbed to cancer in April.

Nicole’s sisters had lost contact with Sydney and Justin after the murder trial, and it wasn’t until they watched a new docuseries on Lifetime that they discovered the full extent of their struggles.


Nicole’s children have made her proud by prioritizing their own families and choosing to stay away from the public eye, according to Dominique.

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