Kate Beckinsale Slams Internet Trolls Accusing Her of Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Kate Beckinsale is tired of dealing with trolls who accuse her of getting cosmetic procedures. She took to Instagram to respond to these bullies and express how their hurtful comments have affected her.

In a powerful message on Sunday morning, the actress confronted her critics on social media who persistently claim that she has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures throughout the years. She labeled this behavior as a sly and malicious tactic employed by bullies.

In a lengthy rant, which includes a pair of videos showcasing the British superstar taken at different points in time, KB expresses her frustration with the constant spread of false information. She firmly urges people to stop the gossip and refrain from spreading lies.

According to her, many people have been telling her that she looks completely different after all the supposed procedures she has undergone. She mentions that it is a common occurrence and that it is typically women who make such remarks.

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