New Jersey Strengthens Push for Gun-Free Zones Following Bruen Decision

Gov. Phil Murphy and Attorney General Matt Platkin are encouraging business owners in New Jersey to establish numerous new “gun-free zones.”

Murphy and Platkin have been making significant efforts to undermine the Bruen decision, which has loosened many restrictions on an individual’s right to carry a firearm.

Lawmakers have already implemented a range of restrictions that forbid individuals from carrying firearms at various locations, including entertainment venues, public gatherings, schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and establishments that serve alcohol.

Businesses are being encouraged to prohibit guns from their premises as part of a new initiative.

According to a notice on the attorney general’s website, it is stated that owners of public establishments are indeed allowed to display signs prohibiting guns on and around their property.

Platkin’s office is offering ‘Gun Free Zone’ decals to any business that is interested.

No matter what you may have heard, owners of public establishments have the right to display signs prohibiting guns on and around their property.

According to Platkin, the decals can play a crucial role in preventing an uptick in shootings and gun-related fatalities, similar to what some states with less-strict gun laws have experienced. He emphasized that it is important for New Jersey residents to be able to go about their daily lives without the fear of senseless gun violence. By placing these decals, customers can feel a sense of security, and business owners can clearly communicate their policy regarding firearms.

To get a decal and flyer from the NJOAG website, simply visit their website HERE.

Governor Phil Murphy expressed his determination to make New Jersey a safer place to live, work, go to school, and raise a family. He acknowledged the challenges posed by the Bruen decision and the relentless efforts of the gun lobby to undermine commonsense gun safety legislation. Despite these obstacles, Governor Murphy remains committed to his mission of ensuring the safety and well-being of the people of New Jersey.

Gun permit disclosure

AG Platkin also unveiled a new dashboard that provides a visual representation of the locations where individuals are submitting applications for firearm permits.

Similar to the sex offender registry in New Jersey, the dashboard provides users with the ability to search for gun permit applications based on geographical locations and various other factors. This allows individuals to see where these applications are being filed and granted.

The database does not disclose any personal information, such as the name, location, or other personal data of permit applicants.

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Platkin emphasized the importance of transparency in promoting public safety. According to a news release, the dashboard provides valuable data that enables users to track the increase in applications for firearms permits across different areas in New Jersey.

Top areas for gun permits in New Jersey

The attorney general reported that around 35,000 permit-to-carry applications were submitted between December 2019 and the end of February 2024. The majority of these applications were submitted after the Bruen decision in 2022.

Residents in Bergen, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties have submitted the largest number of new applications.

Over 3,000 new permits have been processed by each county.

Newark, located in Essex County, and Toms River in Ocean County have experienced a significant surge in the number of newly issued carry permits.

You can access the state’s new database by clicking HERE.

Places in NJ where gun owners have sued to carry a legal gun

In December, New Jersey implemented its own legislation aiming to prohibit the possession of firearms in designated “sensitive places.”

In her opinion, a federal judge determined that numerous locations were legally protected based on the grounds of armed self-defense. She emphasized that crowded areas should not be considered as sensitive places.

In June, the state attorney general’s request to maintain the portion of the law that prohibits individuals from carrying handguns in “sensitive places” was granted by a federal appeals court.

Handguns are prohibited from being carried in certain places, including schools, child care facilities, and governmental buildings. The lower court’s injunction in May did not provide clarity on these specific locations, and the appeals court has upheld the prohibition in these areas as well.

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