New Jersey police officer delivers food after Uber Eats driver’s arrest

Mocobizscene-  Last month, a police officer in northern New Jersey took it upon himself to finish a food delivery after an Uber Eats driver was arrested. The customer behind the door took him by surprise, he never could have anticipated it. Officer Mike Zvolensky conducted a routine patrol on Jan. 21 when he pulled over a car in Florham Park, Morris County at approximately 8:30 p.m.

The police have revealed that they discovered an outstanding warrant for the driver through a random plate inquiry. The authorities took the 60-year-old driver into custody after discovering that she had an outstanding traffic warrant with a bail amount of $1,000. Officer Alex Tredy took it upon himself to ensure that the Uber Eats customers wouldn’t go hungry, so he personally delivered the McDonald’s food order.

In a heartwarming display of compassion, the bodycam footage captured him going above and beyond his duties as a police officer. Instead of simply enforcing the law, he selflessly offered his assistance to the residents in need. Little did Tredy know, but as fate would have it, the customer eagerly awaiting their food happened to be none other than Jionni LaValle, the husband of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

Tredy expressed his surprise at the situation but showed understanding and gratitude for our kind act. iThe Uber Eats driver was taken into custody by officers, who then ensured her car was safely parked at the Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad to prevent it from being towed.

Zvolensky emphasized the importance of going the extra mile to provide individuals with a sense of peace, dignity, and respect. Regrettably, Tredy did not receive a tip for the additional task.

“We accept tips out of the goodness of our hearts, even though as government officials, we are not allowed to,” Tredy shared.

He expressed his intention to continue in his current profession without any plans of pursuing a different career.

“I love my job and, of course, I entered this profession with the intention of making a difference in people’s lives,” he expressed.

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