Nearly Half Of Voters In Lauren Boebert’s New District Do Not Want A Carpetbagger

Mocobizscene – Nearly half of the voters, 46 percent to be exact, in Rep Lauren Boebert’s newly assigned district are reluctant to vote for a carpetbagger, which refers to a candidate who lacks local connections. This is an aspect that her opponents are strategically leveraging.

Lauren Boebert, a Republican supporter of former President Trump, made an announcement in late 2020 that she intends to run for re-election in Colorado’s fourth congressional district. Currently representing the third district, she has been in office since 2021.

According to her, choosing this path was deemed as the “right decision for those who support our conservative movement.” However, there are those who view it as a means to evade a defeat.

In the Republican primary, she faced a challenge from Jeff Hurd. Additionally, she narrowly defeated Adam Frisch, the Democratic candidate she beat by a margin of only 546 votes in 2022. It appears that Frisch is poised to become the Democrats’ nominee once again in the district.

A recent poll by Kaplan Strategies revealed that nearly half of the voters in the fourth district, specifically 46 percent, expressed their preference for a candidate who has not recently moved to the area. Conversely, 22 percent of the respondents expressed their support for a candidate who has recently relocated, while 33 percent remained unsure about their stance on the matter.

Rep Ken Buck, the current representative for the fourth district, has announced his retirement, citing the prevalence of election denialism within his party.

However, despite the skepticism surrounding carpetbaggers like Ms. Boebert, there is still a possibility of her winning the seat. According to the Kaplan Strategies poll, 32 percent of participants in the survey support her, while her opponents only have single-digit support.

Colorado State Representative Mike Lynch secured second place in the competition with a notable seven per cent of the votes.

According to Doug Kaplan, the president of Kaplan Strategies, he believes that unless the party unites behind a single candidate, she will emerge as the winner.

However, despite being in the lead, 45 percent of people believe that she lacks good character and judgment. Furthermore, only 38 percent of individuals hold a favorable view of her, while over 40 percent do not.

According to Mr Kaplan, the leading candidate in the poll has remarkably high unfavorables. In fact, he states that he has not seen any other poll where the leading candidate has such unfavorable ratings. It’s worth noting that nearly half of the voters in the district still haven’t made up their minds about who to support.

According to the pollster, the district is not heavily dominated by Maga supporters.

According to Newsweek, Ms. Boebert was recently ranked as the fifth most popular candidate in a straw poll conducted after a debate in Fort Lupton. It is worth mentioning that Fort Lupton is situated in the eighth district.

In the straw poll conducted on January 25th, it was revealed that Ms. Boebert received only 12 out of 100 votes from Republican voters who participated. The top spot was secured by former state Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, who garnered 22 votes.

Three former Republican Colorado senators who previously represented the fourth district have expressed their support for Mr. Sonnenberg.

According to Newsweek, former Republican Sen Cory Gardner stated that he believes the individual in question will be a passionate and dedicated warrior for our nation and our shared conservative values.

Mr. Sonnenberg expressed his confidence in the candidates, stating that they are well acquainted with the fourth district and possess a deep understanding of the principled leadership that our community requires in Congress.

House Speaker Mike Johnson praised Ms. Boebert as a “relentless force for conservative governance.”

Last week, several potential Republican voters expressed their discontent, as highlighted by The Wall Street Journal.

In December, Ms. Boebert faced a situation where she was asked to leave a theatre in Denver due to her disruptive behavior. Reports suggest that she was vaping and engaging in intimate behavior with her date. However, she later expressed remorse for her actions and acknowledged the challenges she was facing during her divorce.

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