MTA employee landlord shoots tenant dead with illegal gun after breaking into NYC residence

According to law enforcement sources and prosecutors, a landlord in Brooklyn has been charged with gun-related offenses following the fatal shooting of his tenant. The tenant had broken into the landlord’s apartment wielding a Taser over the weekend.

According to sources and authorities, Timothy Jones was discovered by LaShawn Craig, an MTA employee and military veteran, inside his Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment. Jones was wearing a mask and gloves and carrying a Taser around 9:40 p.m. on Friday when Craig allegedly fired shots.

Prosecutors state that Craig, a train operator aged 45, instructed Jones to vacate the apartment. Upon seeing Jones reaching into his pockets, Craig discharged his handgun.

According to sources and the criminal complaint filed against him, he surrendered the illegal Smith and Wesson 40 caliber pistol to the police and called 911 after the shooting.

According to insiders, Craig and Jones had a heated disagreement over family photos, which eventually escalated into a violent altercation. Jones, who has a lengthy criminal record, is 64 years old. It was uncertain if the two individuals had any relation to each other.

According to sources, Jones had shouted from his residence on Pulaski Street, located near Malcolm X Boulevard, demanding the whereabouts of his photos. Jones shared the residence with Craig.

According to authorities, Jones sustained a fatal injury to his torso, which ultimately resulted in his death at Kings County Hospital Center.

According to the complaint, Craig, who has no previous criminal record, was taken into custody on Sunday and presented before the Brooklyn Criminal Court the following day on charges of criminal possession of a weapon. The charges include one felony and one misdemeanor, as well as a criminal possession of a firearm charge.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office reported that Craig has been released on supervised release by a judge, even though prosecutors had requested a bail of $50,000.

Sources have indicated that the shooting is being looked into as a case of self-defense and is being classified as a “justified homicide.”

According to sources, Jones had been arrested more than 20 times in the past, with the majority of those arrests being related to drugs and domestic violence. He also had a charge for aggravated unlicensed operation.

In June 2022, he sustained severe injuries in a shooting that occurred within his second-floor apartment in the same building.

According to sources, Briana Zaret, a 19-year-old who arrived at the apartment with a male acquaintance to purchase cocaine, lost her life in an incident that did not involve Craig.

Cops revealed that they had apprehended Jose Romero, a 47-year-old resident of Queens, in connection with the shooting incident. He was charged with murder, attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon.

According to the authorities, Jones was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, whereas Zaret was pronounced dead at the location. Blood stains still marked the steps and sidewalk outside the Pulaski Street residence on Monday afternoon. Additionally, an MTA jacket was visible on the porch of the house.

A neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous, recounted the recent shooting incident and expressed confusion about what would have triggered their seemingly friendly neighbor to resort to such violence. “I was simply watching TV when I heard the gunshots,” the neighbor added.

“He seems like a really relaxed person, so I don’t understand why he would do what he’s being accused of. It’s concerning because I was standing right beside him when it occurred,” he shared.

According to a local witness, a group of men were seen on the porch area, engaged in some kind of discussion or deliberation. The witness noted this activity prior to the incident in question.

According to the man, his girlfriend had gone to the bodega to get something and upon her return, she heard gunshots. He spoke highly of Craig, saying that he is an extremely kind person. In fact, he shared an incident where his girlfriend accidentally dropped a carton of eggs on the floor and Craig quickly replaced it with a new one. The man emphasized that Craig is a truly nice guy.

According to Michael Cortez, the spokesperson for MTA, Craig, who has been employed with the agency since 2014, is currently being held from service while a thorough review of all the facts is being conducted. According to sources, Craig has undergone multiple deployments and is a veteran.

According to a family friend named Jackie Marshall, Mr. Craig is a good man despite the unfortunate situation with his tenant. Marshall expressed her shock and sadness, stating that Mr. Craig is a hardworking individual who serves in the Army. She reiterated that it is disheartening to hear about such news and hopes for a resolution soon.

Craig’s legal representation, the Legal Aid Society, did not respond to a comment request regarding the case.

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