Georgia Officer Shoots Man During Traffic Stop, Body Cam Footage Reveals

Body cam footage of a Georgia police officer fatally shooting a man during a traffic stop is disturbing. The Camden County Sheriff’s Office released a video depicting the escalating situation that lead to the tragic incident.

WATCH: Body cam footage shows Georgia cop shoots man on highway

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  • • Leonard Cure, a Florida man who was wrongfully incarcerated for a drug store arrest in 2003, was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop in Camden County, Georgia.
  • • Dash cam video released by officials shows the encounter between Cure and the deputy, with the deputy yelling at Cure to step out of his vehicle and put his hands behind his back.
  • • The video shows a scuffle between Cure and the deputy before Cure is shot.
  • • Cure had been released from prison three years ago and was trying to rebuild his life, giving inspirational talks to high school students and considering college.
  • • Studies show that Black Americans face a higher risk of being wrongfully convicted or killed by police, and Cure’s wrongful incarceration may have contributed to the anxiety and fear he experienced during the encounter with the deputy.

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