Motorists get relief at the gas station before Memorial Day weekend | WUSF

This Memorial Day weekend, residents hitting the roads are in for a pleasant surprise as they find relief at the gas pump.

According to AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins, prices may not see a significant decrease in the near future.

According to Jenkins, the ongoing geopolitical tensions may hinder the possibility of pump prices dropping below the levels seen last year, especially during the holiday weekend.

This weekend, AAA predicts that a staggering 2.3 million residents of Florida will be embarking on travels.

According to a news release, Debbie Haas, a vice president with AAA, anticipates that Memorial Day will mark the beginning of a bustling summer travel season. She predicts that American travelers will exceed pre-pandemic levels, resulting in the busiest Memorial Day holiday weekend in almost twenty years.

Consumer interest in both domestic and international travel is the primary factor driving the projection. In fact, interest in traveling abroad is currently at its peak in recent years.

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