More than 100 tornadoes reported across the US since Monday

At least 105 tornadoes have been reported across the country since Monday, with five tornadoes tracked yesterday in Iowa, Missouri, Georgia, and Mississippi.

In other areas, there were reports of massive hail, measuring up to 5 inches in diameter, that occurred west of Austin, Texas. This hail was larger than a softball in size. Additionally, strong winds reaching speeds of up to 76 mph caused damage in Alabama.

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for Georgia and Florida until 11 a.m. on Friday. The main concern in this area is the potential for gusty winds reaching speeds up to 80 mph. Additionally, there is a possibility of isolated tornadoes due to the current weather conditions.

On Friday afternoon, there is a possibility of a new line of storms forming in the Carolinas and Georgia, which could bring more damaging winds to these areas. While there is a chance of tornadoes, the risk at the moment is low.

A storm system is expected to develop later this weekend into early next week, potentially bringing heavy rain to the Gulf Coast. The threat of flash flooding is possible from Texas to Georgia, and some areas along the Gulf Coast may even experience over six inches of snow in the coming days.

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