More and more Connecticut voters intend to vote ‘uncommitted’ in the upcoming primary.

Connecticut voters are gearing up for the upcoming presidential primary, which is just a month away.

As the primary draws near, an increasing number of Democratic voters are expressing their intention to withhold their vote from President Joe Biden and instead opt for the “uncommitted” option.

In light of Biden’s approach to the situation in Gaza, there has been a growing concern.

The uncommitted movement has become a part of a larger national movement, which has recently reached Connecticut.

Some Democrats are using their vote as a form of protest.

A campaign called “Vote Uncommitted Connecticut” was announced by a group in downtown Hartford on Wednesday.

The presidential primary on April 2 is fast approaching.

A diverse coalition of Muslims, Jews, and people of color has come together through this campaign.

By casting their vote as uncommitted, voters aim to convey a powerful message to the Democratic party and Biden, emphasizing the urgent need for a ceasefire in Gaza.

In the swing state of Michigan, over 100,000 voters cast their ballots as uncommitted, marking the beginning of the uncommitted campaign.

Connecticut voters explain why they are opting to vote uncommitted instead of supporting a specific candidate.

Abdul Osmanu, a Legislative Councilman from Hamden, emphasized the significance of the current initiative in amplifying the voices of individuals who feel unheard. Regardless of political affiliations, there is a widespread consensus that an immediate and enduring ceasefire is crucial.

The option to remain uncommitted on the ballot is not universally available, but it can be exercised in Connecticut.

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