Miami Woman, Shelbi Azeredo, Reported Missing

Mocobizscene- Shelbi Azeredo, who went on a trip to Miami, has been reported missing since Friday evening. The last contact with Shelbi was around 5pm on Saturday, which has raised concerns among her friends. As a result, they have filed a missing person’s report in Port St. Lucie (PSL) and sought assistance in Miami.

    • Last Known Contact: Shelbi’s friends has not heard from her since Saturday evening.
    • Missing Person’s Report: Filed in Port St. Lucie with efforts to extend the search to Miami.
    • Without Essential Items: Shelbi is reportedly without her phone and car, as confirmed by a message she left on an office phone from an unknown number.
    • Search Efforts: Hospitals, jails, and the address linked to the unknown phone number have been checked, with no success.

Potential Clues and Updates

    • Beach Proximity: Shelbi, known to be fond of beaches, mentioned being near one in her last communication.
    • Phone Location Tracking: Her roommate provided crucial information with the last known locations from Shelbi’s phone, potentially guiding the search efforts.

Plea for Help

Shelbi’s last call was concerning due to her unusual lack of communication and scared tone. If you have any information or resources in the Miami area, particularly near the beach, please come forward and help in the search. You can contact us at 772-607-3656 if you have any leads.

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