Maryland Lottery winner persuades clerk to turn off ‘go-go’ music and wins $100K

Despite not being a fan of Chuck Brown and his “go-go” music genre, a man from Maryland found himself bustin’ loose with excitement after winning $100,000 on a scratch-off game.

Laurel resident Kenneth Matthew engaged in a friendly disagreement with a Capitol Heights gas station clerk about the music being played. The genre in question was go-go music, which was popularized in the 1970s by local Washington D.C. singer-guitarist Chuck Brown. One of his most iconic tracks was the 1978 hit “Bustin’ Loose.”

As per the Maryland Lottery’s official statement, the ex-Baltimore police officer recounted that the cashier informed him, “I’ll switch off the go-go music as soon as you purchase that ($30) ticket.”

Matthew purchased a ticket for the $100,000 Ca$h game after the clerk at the Central Exxon station gave his approval.

Lottery officials were informed by Matthew that he had never played that card before. After scratching off the ticket, he was convinced that he had hit the jackpot. Without wasting a moment, he used the lottery app on his smartphone to scan the ticket.

At first, Matthew thought he had won $1,000, but upon closer inspection of his ticket by a friend, he realized that he had missed a few zeros. Kenneth informed lottery officials that the woman told him, “You know you won more than that.” Kenneth was left stunned by the situation, expressing that there was much more to it.

Upon claiming his prize on November 1st, Matthew expressed his gratitude, stating “It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing.” While he had received cash prizes in the past, they were never quite like this. He expressed, “Before this, the most significant triumph I had was $1,000.” According to Matthew, his top priority after winning would be to support his daughter’s college education financially.

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