Man’s Head Found in NYC Freezer Identified; Woman Arrested Told Police Husband Killed Him

Mocobizscene-Following the arrest of a woman who claimed her husband was responsible for the guy’s death, police have identified the man whose severed skull was discovered in a freezer in an apartment in New York City.

While looking into an anonymous tip of a dead body inside the woman’s freezer on Monday, authorities found Kawsheen Gelzer’s dismembered remains, according to WNBC-TV.

She opened her house to the cops when they came. When they noticed the freezer was hermetically shut and the woman acted hostilely when questioned about its contents, they allegedly became suspicious of it.

On Tuesday, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny informed reporters, “The refrigerator was taped up,” as reported by FOX News. “They were trying to hole up, I guess, the smell inside.”

“We possess a head. We do have limbs,” Kenny acknowledged. “It appears like we have the entire body as of right now.”

The lady recognized Gelzer as the victim in her freezer after being arrested on unrelated charges, police sources said WNBC. She is currently receiving mental health therapy at a Brooklyn hospital. His unique tattoos are said to have assisted police in their preliminary identification of him.

The woman blamed her husband, who is presently incarcerated in Virginia, for Gelzer’s murder, sources told the channel. She informed investigators that the victim’s and her husband’s drug fight was the reason behind the murder. She has not been labeled a suspect in his murder and has denied any involvement.

How long the victim’s body pieces were kept in the freezer is unknown. The cause of his death is still being looked into.

When The Messenger asked the NYPD for comment, they didn’t get back to them right away.

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