Man in Miami arrested for fatal hit-and-run incident in Sarasota

Mocobizscene- A Miami man has been charged with homicide following a fatal hit-and-run accident that occurred in Sarasota in April 2023. On Tuesday, Edwin Norris was arrested and taken into custody at the Lee County Jail. He had already been incarcerated there for a different offense.

According to a report from the Sheriff’s Office, Norris drove to Sarasota where he met up with some individuals, enjoyed a meal, and later, through the aid of GPS and video surveillance, he was traced to two businesses in Sarasota that had been burglarized.

According to the report, Norris allegedly fled from the businesses and ran a red light at the intersection of Fruitville Road and Lakewood Ranch Blvd. Tragically, this resulted in a collision with Leonardo Adams, who was riding a motorcycle. Adams lost his life at the scene.

According to deputies, Norris fled the area and left behind the Audi he was driving. During the investigation, authorities successfully traced the car back to Norris. Detectives revealed that, in the first interview, Norris confessed to being present in the vehicle, but refrained from disclosing the identity of the driver.

The arraignment for the charges against him is scheduled for March 22nd.

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