Man in California arrested after police discover $5 million worth of stolen Nike merchandise in warehouse during retail operation crackdown

Mocobizscene- The Los Angeles police authorities announced on Tuesday that they have apprehended a man on charges of engaging in the illegal sale of stolen Nike shoes, clothing, and other merchandise, with an estimated value of around $5 million.

Investigators from the Commercial Crimes Division of the Los Angeles Police Department carried out two search warrants on Saturday in Hollywood and Hawthorne. The warehouse in Hawthorne was suspected to be the location where the suspect was delivering stolen Nike products, according to the LAPD.

During the investigation, LAPD officers and Nike supply chain investigators made a significant discovery at the Hawthorne warehouse. They uncovered a vast collection of stolen Nike shoes, clothing, accessories, and prototypes. This finding sheds light on the illegal activities surrounding the theft and distribution of Nike products.

The LAPD has arrested 37-year-old Roy Lee Harvey Jr. on suspicion of receiving and reselling stolen products.

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