Maine candidate supported by Trump secures opportunity to compete against Rep. Jared Golden for U.S. House seat

On Tuesday, Maine held its state primary, which has paved the way for an intense competition in the 2nd Congressional District. This race is crucial as it has the potential to impact which party will have control over the U.S. House and Senate in the upcoming year.

In November’s general election, Representative Jared Golden, a Democrat seeking his third term, will compete against state Representative Austin Theriault, R-Fort Kent, who has received support from Donald Trump.

The 2nd district race in Maine is rated as a toss-up by the Cook Political Report, despite the fact that it has twice voted for Trump and is considered a deep red district. This district covers all of Maine except for the southernmost areas, making it a particularly vulnerable spot for Golden and the Democrats to defend against a Republican challenge.

In the recent Republican primary, 30-year-old Theriault emerged victorious over state Representative Michael Soboleski, R-Phillips, with a commanding 66.2% to 33.8% lead. Trump and U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson had previously endorsed Theriault, with Trump even encouraging Mainers to vote for him through a post on Truth Social the day before the primary. It seems that their support paid off in the end.

In a post on X Tuesday night, Theriault expressed that being selected by the people of the state she loves deeply is the honor of her life. She further added that she is grateful for the support and wants everyone to know that she is running to fight for them. It’s high time to prioritize people over politics.

After his time in the Marines, Golden had always been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. However, his perspective on gun laws shifted after the tragic mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine in 2023. Although he still stands by the Second Amendment, he now advocates for putting an end to the sale of rifles that resemble AR-15s.

Chellie Pingree to face Ronald Russell

In contrast, Maine’s 1st district presents a clear Democratic stronghold. Ronald Russell, a seasoned veteran, emerged victorious in the primary and will now go head-to-head with Representative Chellie Pingree in the upcoming November general election. Pingree, a respected Democrat, has been serving in Washington since 2009 and faced no opposition in the primary.

Despite winning the Republican primary with a 56.1% to 43.9% victory over Andrew Piantidosi, Russell faces a challenging opponent in the form of the entrenched congresswoman.

Who will run against Angus King?

Both Republican Demi Kouzounas and Democrat David Allen Costello secured their nominations by running unopposed in their primaries.

Popular independent Senator Angus King, who has been representing Maine in the U.S. Senate since 2013, will be challenged by a group of candidates. In contrast to King’s qualification for the ballot by petition with over 5,000 signatures, the challengers will be running in a primary.

Come November, voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for Jason Cherry, a political newcomer and an independent candidate hailing from Unity.

The news piece was first published on Portsmouth Herald and reports that a candidate in Maine, who is supported by Trump, has won the right to compete against Rep. Jared Golden for a seat in the U.S. House.

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