Local officials seek help catching fake priest suspected of stealing from Catholic parishes

As per a memorandum issued by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, law enforcement is currently on the prowl for an individual whom they suspect of assuming the guise of a cleric in order to plunder churches.

It is believed that the individual, identifying himself as “Father Martin,” specifically targeted numerous parishes across the nation. According to the memo obtained by KHOU 11 News, in order to gain access, “Father Martin” conducted research and targeted specific congregations in order to learn about their staff. He would pose as an out-of-state visiting cleric in order to gain entry.

The memo states that the phony priest committed a theft from a church in southwest Houston. He informed a member of the staff that he was intended to be residing in the parish rectory. He was granted access at which point he committed theft. The item that he took is unknown. The memo was transmitted on October 30, but the exact date of the larceny remains unknown.

However, Father Martin did not only strike in Houston. According to the memorandum, he had been observed at multiple sites within the Diocese of Dallas and was also wanted on warrants from across the nation. Anyone who witnesses Father Martin is urged to contact the police, per the memo. The Houston Police Department failed to respond to a request for additional information regarding the larceny immediately.

Local leaders call for help catching fake priest accused of stealing from Catholic churches

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