Local Doughnut Shop In Anaheim Celebrates Customer’s $2 Million Powerball Win

Mocobizscene-  Donut Storr in Anaheim joined the ranks of Southern California locations that have sold a winning Powerball ticket. This time, the ticket holds a value of over $2 million.

One of the five tickets nationwide successfully matched five out of the six numbers. According to Sokban Ngeap, the owner of Donut Storr, this is the biggest jackpot ever won at his shop.

“It was fascinating,” Ngeap exclaimed. “Just this morning, I couldn’t contain my happiness. Someone actually won!”

According to the store owner, the biggest jackpot won at his store was a $5 scratcher that resulted in a whopping $75,000 payout last year. Ngeap expressed his relief at receiving some much-needed good news following a recent break-in at his store.

“My employee opened the shop on Saturday morning, and to my dismay, it was discovered that at around 4:00, the store had been broken into. The perpetrators not only stole a significant amount of cash but also made off with some scratchers,” he revealed.

People who have heard about the $2 million ticket are coming to the shop hoping for a stroke of luck to happen again.

“I drive by here all the time,” said Andrea Hawkins, who lives around the corner. She expressed her hopes for a second round of winners at this location.

“I did some research and discovered that it’s just down the street. It’s located on Knott and Orange, which is a place I’m familiar with. So, as soon as I finished work, I made my way here and here I am,” shared Andrew Fronda.

Ngeap is unaware of the winner’s identity, but he is thrilled to know that the prize money will have a transformative impact on someone’s life within his community.

“He said that he believes the reason for his friend’s success is that he has a better life. According to him, this advantage helps him thrive in the current economy.”

Retail partners in California who sell winning tickets with prizes exceeding $1 million are rewarded with a bonus. The Donut Store will be awarded a bonus exceeding $10,000.

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