Legal expert suggests Trump could face imprisonment if found guilty of falsifying business records

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann stated on Tuesday that if former President Trump is found guilty of falsifying business records in his New York hush money trial, he could potentially face a jail sentence. The trial is set to begin later this month.

Trump is currently facing 34 felony counts due to allegations of falsifying business records in an effort to conceal hush money payments made to hide an alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels in the final weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign.

In a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, Weissmann expressed his belief that there is a possibility of jail time for Donald Trump. He emphasized that the judge will consider the rule of law and how other individuals with a similar criminal background were treated. Weissmann also highlighted the relevance of Trump’s pretrial behavior in this case.

Weissmann pointed out the potential consequences of Trump’s repeated attacks on the judge and his family. Judge Juan Merchan recently extended a gag order in the case, which now prohibits the former president from continuously targeting his daughter, Loren Merchan, a Democratic strategist.

He was already prohibited by the initial gag order from publicly discussing witnesses, other prosecutors, court staff, and their family members if his statements were intended to materially interfere with the case.

According to the former prosecutor, if Trump is found guilty, he is unlikely to receive any leniency during sentencing due to his behavior.

He mentioned that if a person expresses remorse and demonstrates respect for the law, acknowledging that their actions were an exception, the court can consider this factor.

According to Weissmann, if the defendant is perceived as someone who is defying the law and showing no remorse, and if they are a repeat offender, these factors can be taken into consideration by a judge. However, it is too early to determine whether this would result in a sentence of imprisonment.

On April 15, the trial for the case will commence, marking a historic moment as it will be the first time a former president faces criminal charges in court.

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