Kite surfer who was saved used stones to write ‘HELP’ on beach in Northern California

In northern California, a kite surfer found himself stranded and in need of rescue. The daring adventurer had attempted a move straight out of a Hollywood movie, but unfortunately found himself in a precarious situation. Luckily, firefighters were able to come to his aid and bring him to safety.

On Sunday, a surfer in Davenport Landing Beach, located northwest of Santa Cruz, utilized rocks to spell out the word “HELP”. The San Mateo-Santa Cruz Unit of Cal Fire shared the rescue story on their Facebook page.

According to the agency, a man and his message were spotted by a private helicopter, which then promptly called 911.

Man was airlifted from beach

Although the man was in good physical condition, he still required an airlift to leave the beach.

California Department of Forestry Fire Captain Skylar Merritt stated to the Los Angeles Times that the 911 call they received was unlike any they usually get. According to him, the helicopter that spotted the individual made the rescue process much quicker, eliminating the risk of hypothermia and dehydration.

According to Merritt, the man who was rescued is a skilled windsurfer, but he faced extremely difficult conditions in the area.

In 2021, Cal Fire officials issued a safety warning on social media due to three fatal incidents that occurred within a 3-mile area including Davenport Landing.

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