Kim Kardashian Faces Nonstop Boos at Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast

Reality star Kim Kardashian was taken aback when she received boos from the audience during her special appearance at Tom Brady’s “The Greatest Roast of all Time” on Netflix Sunday.

During the event at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, Kardashian found herself in an unexpected situation. Kevin Hart, the presenter and comedian, invited her from the audience to deliver a toast. At first, she received a round of applause, but it was soon overwhelmed by a chorus of boos. This forced Kardashian to pause momentarily as she started her speech.

She turns to Hart and compassionately acknowledges, “I understand that many people ridicule your height.” However, she abruptly halts, visibly impacted by the response from the audience.

Kim Kardashian exclaimed with a playful tone, “Alright, alright, alright!”

In the background, Hart exclaimed, “Whoa! Whoa!”

During her roast, Kardashian didn’t hold back and drew a comparison between Brady and Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner, who was Kardashian’s step-parent until 2013, made headlines in 2015 when she publicly announced her transition as a transgender woman.

“I initially had no plans to attend tonight, but since I’m not here accompanying Tom, there’s still a possibility that I might show up,” Kardashian admitted, alluding to the speculations about her supposed relationship with the quarterback earlier this year.

She continued, “Speaking of Tom and me dating, there were some rumors that we were together. I won’t confirm or deny it, but if we were, I’d just release the tape.”

“But I do believe that it wouldn’t be a compatible match. Your athletic background, high cheekbones, and sleek hair remind me too much of my stepfather now. There’s a part of me that wonders if you would even be interested in borrowing my clothes.”

Next, a meme popped up on the screen, showcasing the “evolution of Tom Brady” by drawing a comparison between Brady’s physical changes and those of Jenner.

“My stepdad is a great example for you, showing that the transition from the NFL can be challenging but also rewarding. She is one of the world’s greatest athletes, demonstrating that anything is possible in this next chapter of your life. Whether it’s becoming a commentator, embracing a far-right Republican ideology, or simply becoming a strong and confident woman, she has paved the way for success.”

Kardashian concluded her three-minute appearance with some words of wisdom: “I’m here tonight to show my support and celebrate you. And let me share the same advice I give to all of my former partners: good luck in recognizing that the best is yet to come.”

Brady responded to Kardashian’s presence with a sly remark of his own: “I’m aware that Kim felt uneasy about attending tonight. Not because of this event, but because her children are at home with their father,” he quipped, alluding to her ex-husband Kanye West and his recent challenges.

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