Resolution to exclude Tennessee teachers from being armed denied by Hamilton County School Board

The Tennessee teachers won’t be armed as the Hamilton County School Board has voted down the resolution to opt out of arming them.

All staff members are required by law to possess an advanced carry permit.

In order to proceed, it is necessary for them to establish an agreement with the superintendent of the school district, the sheriff of the county, and the principal of their school.

According to some board members, they have given their approval to the resolution and have expressed their willingness to support whatever decision the superintendent makes.

“I’m going to vote for this and show my support for the superintendent and for this choice,” Ben Connor says.

The final outcome of the vote was a failure, with a tally of 6 to 5 against the proposal.

Ben Connor, a member of the school board, emphasized that the lawmakers’ intention behind the law was to assist rural counties and not urban ones such as Hamilton County.

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