Katherine Heigl’s Comfortable Life in Utah Revealed

Actor Katherine Heigl had always envisioned running her own store. She often fantasized about owning a cozy knitting shop or a charming corner café, where she could carefully select and curate a collection of items that reflected her personal taste and style.

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is thrilled about her online shop, New Lane Road Mercantile, describing it as an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. Initially, the shop was a small-scale operation created by Heigl to sell her art and raise funds for the animal foundation she co-founded with her mother. However, with the assistance of Shopify, it has now evolved into a thriving retail venture.

“It brings me so much joy to curate and discover products that I’ve come across over the years,” expresses Heigl. The website truly embodies her personal preferences, as well as those of her husband, the musician Josh Kelley. Heigl’s decision to sell crystals is not merely based on their current popularity, but rather stemmed from a serendipitous encounter with a stranger during a particularly harrowing flight. This experience introduced Heigl to the profound influence of crystals, leading her to develop her own rituals. Another one of her cherished practices, enjoying an evening cocktail, is also featured on the site through a carefully curated selection of martini sets.”

The Wine Savant Vintage Glasses

Intentional living is evident in Heigl’s home, where every aspect is thoughtfully designed. From her art studio to her nighttime routine, and even the keeping room – a space inspired by the Colonial era where people would gather around the hearth for warmth – relaxation is prioritized, despite the busy household with three kids.

New Lane Road Mercantile is brimming with an array of exquisite indulgences. From luxurious bath soaks to finely crafted leather Dopp kits and elegant mother-of-pearl coasters, the shop showcases an assortment of items created by talented artists and artisans. Unlike the typical marketing jargon, referring to this store as thoughtful is truly befitting, as every product seems to have been carefully sought out and purposefully selected. Each item in the store is a reflection of the owner’s personal life, creating a captivating experience akin to stumbling upon a whimsical boutique during a memorable vacation, leaving a lasting impression that lingers for months to come. As the beloved star of “27 Dresses,” I am thrilled to share more about this enchanting establishment.

Architectural Digest: Where do you primarily reside?

Katherine Heigl was born in Oakley, Utah.

In one sentence, how would you characterize the style of your home?

The mountain home boasts a magnificent combination of stone and wood, featuring concrete floors and a striking four-story stone wall that stretches throughout the entire house. The ceilings are adorned with robust beams, adding to the overall grandeur. However, I infused my personal touch by introducing a softer aesthetic, subtly altering the existing design.

One kitchen item that I use every single day is the cutting board.

I love having my coffee maker and boiling-water tap at home because they allow me to effortlessly brew the perfect cup of tea or coffee.

What is your preferred gadget or appliance?

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with our Control4 system, but overall, I genuinely love it. When we initially installed it about 15 years ago, like any new technology, it had its fair share of glitches. However, over time, everything has been running smoothly. What I find particularly impressive is the convenience of being able to simply touch the wall pad to play music while I cook or set the mood in my bedroom for meditation. It adds a touch of luxury and a futuristic vibe to my daily routine.

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