Kansas legislators ignore domestic issues, allocate $15.7 million to the border with no plans for its use.

Concerns about illegal immigration and border security were at the forefront of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, and recent polls indicate that it remains a powerful political tool for the GOP in the upcoming 2024 election.

During the final moments of its 2024 veto session, the Kansas Legislature appeared to be in disarray. Some bills were passed into law, while others were discarded. The legislators seemed to be desperate to avoid any unpleasant consequences and proceeded cautiously.

Members’ wayward legislating during this period was exemplified by the decision to allocate $15.7 million for Kansas National Guard troops to aid Texas law enforcement in addressing the migrant crisis. It is worth noting that Kansas does not share a border with Mexico and that the activation of the Guard requires the approval of Governor Laura Kelly. Nevertheless, lawmakers proceeded to override her veto. Their actions raise concerns about their decision-making process.

This allocation of state funds doesn’t really achieve anything, in case you haven’t already realized it.

Kelly has decided not to send the Kansas Guard to Texas, which means that the allocated funds will not be utilized for that purpose. In the coming months, lawmakers will need to decide how to allocate the remaining $15.7 million. It remains to be seen whether this money will be used for projects that benefit the community or simply for personal gain, such as providing popsicles or pony rides to political donors. Additionally, Kansas relies on immigrants to fill important roles in industries like meatpacking and agribusiness. These migrants contribute to the overall stability and growth of the U.S. labor force, especially in light of the current state of full employment.

Legislators disregarded the facts in their pursuit to satisfy an empty conservative talking point during their campaign trail this summer and fall. The chain of command was of little importance as the majority prioritized serving the national political narrative above all else.

“Kansas is not immune to the impacts of immigration; in fact, every state in the nation is affected. Senate President Ty Masterson, R-Andover, expressed concern about the situation, stating, ‘Let Kansas be a part of it. It’s not much short of an invasion. We’re a little isolated up here, but it’s coming.’ However, it is important to note that Kansas, like other states, is not exempt from the realities of immigration.”

Someone really needs to escort our Legislature back to its bed at the flophouse so it can sleep off whatever it’s been up to. If we don’t take action, there’s a chance it might attempt even more overrides.

Lawmakers were presented with common sense by their fellow members, but they chose to disregard it.

State Sen. Ethan Corson, pictured on January 17, 2024, cautioned his fellow lawmakers about the allocation for border security, emphasizing that it wouldn’t result in the deployment of the Kansas Guard.

State Senator Ethan Corson, a Democrat from Prairie Village, emphasized that the decision to deploy the Kansas National Guard lies with the governor, who serves as the commander in chief. He clarified that the legislature does not have the authority to send anyone anywhere, regardless of the outcome of the vote. Despite this, many members of the legislative body seem to overlook this crucial information. Senator Corson reiterated this point to ensure clarity on the matter.

Look at this exhibitionistic waste of time from two perspectives. On one hand, lawmakers could have utilized their valuable time to pass important legislation such as Medicaid expansion, medicinal marijuana rules, and a tax plan that truly helps lower- and middle-income Kansans instead of benefiting only the wealthiest individuals. This would have required negotiation and careful consideration, which is commonly referred to as work.

In contrast, legislators took a more positive approach by avoiding any harmful actions. They refrained from passing a bill that specifically targeted transgender children or implementing a law that would allocate the entire state budget surplus to Charles Koch. Additionally, they made sure not to permit unlicensed sugaring practitioners, whoever they may be, from working near children’s genitalia.

We may consider ourselves fortunate that their time was spent on a border bill that was merely for show.

Why do legislators even bother showing up in Topeka? If their main goal is to spread political messaging, they could easily do the same work from the comfort of their own homes. Mark Zuckerberg has already created a platform for online cranks. If their intention is to promote political narratives that are disconnected from reality, they could simply apply for a hosting job at Fox News. There are plenty of alternatives that don’t require spending countless hours at the Statehouse.

As legislators, our primary focus should be on addressing real issues that affect the people of Kansas, regardless of our political affiliations. It is crucial that we allocate funds towards solving problems that actually exist, rather than investing in challenges that aren’t relevant to our state.

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