Kansas City, Missouri City Council committee to evaluate legislation on red light cameras

The Special Committee for Legal Review of the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council will be discussing the introduction of red light cameras in the city during their meeting on Tuesday.

If the committee approves the ordinance, which is sponsored by KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas, it will then be discussed by the full City Council. If it is passed there, City Manager Brian Platt will be responsible for selecting a vendor for an automated red light camera system.

KCMO initially suspended the cameras in 2012, after the state of Missouri declared the cameras unconstitutional in 2015.

According to the ordinance, the Missouri Supreme Court has issued multiple opinions affirming the compatibility of automated camera enforcement systems with state law. It acknowledges that these systems are considered a permissible law enforcement tool.

Lucas mentioned the increase in traffic fatalities as the reason for implementing the cameras.

Kansas City drivers have mixed opinions on the potential return of red light cameras, with some in favor and others opposed. Similarly, St. Louis is also considering bringing back red light cameras, raising the question of whether Kansas City will follow suit.

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