Judge Warns Trump Lawyer Seeking Pre-Approval for Truth Social Posts

Donald Trump continues to face repercussions for his online posts, with contempt charges amounting to $9,000. These charges stem from his violation of the gag order in his Manhattan criminal trial, specifically for attacking jurors and witnesses. In an attempt to avoid jail time resulting from further offenses, Trump’s defense team took a unique approach during a recent contempt hearing. They requested the judge’s approval prior to the publication of certain posts on Trump’s Truth Social platform.

Susan Necheles, a criminal defense attorney representing Trump in the hush money case, approached Judge Juan Merchan on Thursday afternoon to make a request. She informed the judge that her client is interested in sharing articles about the trial but is unsure if it is permissible.

According to NBC News, attorney Necheles stated that these articles are ones that former President Trump would want to share on his Truth Social platform. However, they delve into the details of the case.

According to Necheles, she believes that the articles are acceptable, but she points out that there is some ambiguity in the gag order.

Both the prosecution and the judge appeared unconvinced by the argument.

According to CNN, Chris Conroy from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office found the request to be “odd.” However, Merchan responded more diplomatically, expressing appreciation for the attention but firmly stating that he does not want to serve as Trump’s social media editor.

He advised Trump’s defense counsel to avoid any uncertainties and to stay away from the situation. According to him, the gag order is crystal clear and leaves no room for interpretation.

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