Joy Reid celebrates Trump’s financial troubles, alleging that he is financially depleted and desperately seeking funds.

MSNBC host Joy Reid asserted on Thursday that former President Donald Trump is financially strained and is actively soliciting funds. This comes as Trump faces the challenge of raising a significant $454 million appeal bond.

In the opening segment of her show, “The ReidOut,” Reid boldly stated, “Let’s start with the undeniable truth: Donald John Trump is financially strapped and desperately seeking funds.”

She carried on speaking, saying:

He owes New York state roughly $454 million and the deadline to put up a bond if he wants to appeal, or a deposit on the debt, is Monday. If he fails to do so, New York Attorney General Letitia James can move in on Trump’s bank accounts or real estate. His lawyers, paid for by the RNC, are telling the court that he doesn’t have the money, which leads us to another fact. Trump has for decades lied about his wealth and about the valuation of his properties. He also has a history of not paying back his loans, and so most self-respecting financial institutions and wealthy individuals don’t want to take a chance on him. Too risky. And here’s another fact: no bonding company will accept real estate, which accounts for most of Trump’s wealth, as collateral.

According to Reid, Trump is not considering going the route of declaring bankruptcy this time, despite it being the most effective way to freeze the payment requirements. Reid believes that Trump’s pride is the reason behind this decision.

In her final remarks, she stated, “Donald Trump lacks the funds to settle his judgment, and it appears that he is receiving little assistance. As a result, he is resorting to soliciting money. Frankly, these actions do not reflect the characteristics of a formidable candidate.”

In a fiery rant on Truth Social, Trump expressed his strong objections to the situation, stating that it is simply not feasible for bonding companies to provide him with such a substantial loan.

“If I were to sell my assets and then win the appeal, those assets would be permanently lost,” Trump pointed out. “Furthermore, it would be incredibly costly to provide funds before the appeal. Once I emerge victorious, all that money would be gone, and I would have been unjustly accused.”

In a recent analysis, Senior Fox Business Correspondent Charlie Gasparino highlighted that historically, Donald has had a less-than-stellar track record when it comes to repaying banks. Gasparino further questioned why banks are not currently extending financial support to him. It raises the question of why this change in attitude has occurred.

Gasparino also admitted that there may be some billionaires who are concerned about potential repercussions from the New York attorney general if they were to provide any form of assistance to Trump.

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