Jones & Homes Real Estate launches in Argentine KCK with a focus on promoting home equity

On Saturday morning, a new real estate agency was inaugurated in the vibrant Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas.

Jones & Homes Real Estate aims to ensure that individuals from all walks of life have equal opportunities to own a home, particularly in a neighborhood that has been perceived as lacking sufficient resources.

According to owner Tim Jones, the essence of real estate lies in its ability to provide independence, equity, and ownership to the community. He believes that people from all races, cultures, and backgrounds should have the opportunity to engage in real estate and make it easily accessible within their own neighborhood.

Jones was raised in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, but he spent a significant amount of time in the vicinity of 3rd and Richmond due to his father’s role as a pastor. It was during his time there that he developed a deep-rooted passion for promoting fairness in the real estate industry.

Jones remarked that observing the contrasting mindsets of individuals residing in government-funded housing versus those who are financially supported by their parents significantly alters one’s perception of wealth. According to Jones, the prevalent belief that renting is the only option for a home stems from a lack of awareness regarding alternative possibilities, as individuals witness their parents or others engaging in this practice.

U.S. home ownership experienced a noteworthy increase to 65.5% in the past decade. However, the National Association of Realtors highlights that minority home buyers continue to face disproportionate challenges.

    • Black — 44% own homes
    • Hispanic — 50.6% own homes
    • Asian — 62.8% own homes
    • White — 72.7% own homes

Ethnic and minority groups continue to face challenges in terms of housing affordability, access to credit, rising student loan debt, and limited inventory.

According to recent first-time home buyer Derek Eklund, Wyandotte County has long been associated with a perception of being underdeveloped and not offering the best housing options compared to neighboring Johnson County.

Eklund and his girlfriend, Ingrid Suchite, emphasize the significance of receiving knowledge from someone who truly comprehends their culture and requirements. They believe that this understanding has made a profound impact on their lives.

“It’s quite daunting to invest in something that will tie up your finances for 15 or 30 years. You really need someone by your side, providing guidance and support,” expressed Eklund. “Now that I have a place of my own, stepping into it for the first time and absorbing every detail is an incredible and fulfilling experience.”

According to Jones, many individuals are often constrained by their upbringing, particularly when it comes to their housing choices. He suggests that if someone’s parents rented a home, it is likely that they will also opt for renting rather than buying a property.

It all begins with knowledge and information. Jones is now investing in the younger generation to create a more equitable future.

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