Jim Jordan Consulted with Friends Before Voting on TikTok

During the vote on Wednesday morning, Congress had to make a decision regarding the fate of TikTok. Interestingly, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan found himself uncertain about how he would cast his vote. This was evident as he appeared on Fox News while the vote was happening, openly expressing his ambivalence. Just moments before the vote, he informed Bill Hemmer, “I’m currently reviewing the bill, and we will make our decision shortly.”

“I’m going to have a conversation with my colleagues to discuss and reach a decision. I want to be transparent and share that I will be consulting with a few close friends who I believe have a good understanding of both perspectives on this matter. Once I have gathered their insights, I will make my final decision on the matter.”

Jordan took procrastinating to a whole new level. Instead of taking the time to gather information and make an informed decision, he chose to appear on a cable news show and openly admitted that he hadn’t even done his job yet. You would expect a responsible individual to prioritize the best interests of their constituents, but Jordan seemed more interested in seeking the opinions of his friends.

In recent years, Congress has often resembled a high school setting, with its display of immaturity and lack of responsibility. However, this particular instance stands out as someone openly admitting to procrastinating, neglecting their duties, and relying on someone else to bail them out. It’s as if they’re confessing to entering a classroom without doing their homework, fully intending to copy off a friend at the last minute.

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