James Comer Gets Into Testy Exchange With Reporter About Lack Of Evidence In Biden Investigation

Mocobizscene – House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer engaged in a heated exchange with reporters while Hunter Biden provided testimony in a closed-door session. This occurred as part of the Republican House impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

When questioned about the absence of evidence supporting the allegations that Mr. Biden used his political influence for personal gain, Mr. Comer acknowledged that the ongoing investigation has not uncovered any such proof.

According to Mr. Comer, there is evidence suggesting that Joe Biden had meetings with Chinese officials. He further claims that multiple individuals have already provided testimony supporting this claim. Mr. Comer also argues that the payment made to Joe Biden by his brother James can be seen as a form of influence peddling.

He asked the room at large if anyone questioned whether that was influenced peddling.

“I’m skeptical about it because there’s no evidence to support the claim that Joe Biden did anything wrong,” expressed Ryan Nobles of NBC News.

Mr. Comer interrupted, stating that he received $200,000 from it when Nobles attempted to inquire further.

“No, listen, look, you can defend Joe Biden all day long … you can be on his legal defense team, and Kevin Morris will probably pay your legal bills,” Mr. Comer told Nobles.

Mr. Morris, a Hollywood attorney, provided financial assistance to Hunter Biden to help him repay a substantial debt to the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Comer’s staff allegedly misled Mr. Morris by requesting that he refrain from selectively disclosing aspects of his testimony given during a deposition. According to Mr. Morris’ attorney, this request was based on false information.

Mr. Comer alleged that there is no evidence to support the claim that Mr. Biden received $200,000 from Americore.

Mr. Comer emphasized that Joe Biden received $200,000 directly from Americore Health repeatedly.

“Mr. Comer asked Nobles if he had any issues with Joe Biden’s lies or with Americore Health deceiving investors.”

Nobles began his question by asking, “What specific action did he take as an elected public official?”

According to a recent report by The Independent, transcripts of previous interviews conducted as part of the probe provide further support for the Democrats’ claim that Mr. Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan have not found any evidence against Mr. Biden thus far.

During the questioning, Carol Fox, who supervised the liquidation of Americore Holdings, a company where James Biden, Mr. Biden’s brother, was a consultant in 2018 and 2019, provided her testimony. James Biden’s involvement in the investigation gained attention because he utilized part of his earnings from the company to repay a loan that his brother had previously given him.

During the investigation, Ms. Fox stated that she had no evidence linking Mr. Biden to the company or any discussions about it with his brother.

When questioned about whether she had any personal knowledge related to President Biden, Ms. Fox confirmed that she had no firsthand information on the matter.

CNN anchor Dana Bash expressed her skepticism on Wednesday, stating that there is a lack of concrete evidence to support the claims being made. According to her, the current narrative is based on mere speculation, gossip, and political accusations.

According to the statement, the accusation made against the President and his brother James is based on the checks that Hunter Biden and James wrote to the President. However, the speaker emphasizes that these checks are a very thin piece of evidence and the actual scheme they are supposed to prove is unclear.

According to Mr. Comer, there is evidence suggesting that Joe Biden received two payments, as revealed in subpoenaed bank records. He went on to accuse Mr. Biden of engaging in money laundering based on these findings.

According to Bash, the Republican inquiry appears to be nothing more than a wild goose chase.

According to Joseph Langston, a friend and business associate of James Biden, President Biden had no involvement in his business ventures with James and did not receive any money from those ventures.

According to him, James Biden and his wife, Sara Biden, find the idea of President Biden being involved in any business venture completely unacceptable.

Mr. Langston clarified to the panel that his previous loans to James and Sara Biden were solely motivated by his friendship with James Biden. Despite attempts by Republicans to portray these loans as an effort to gain favor with President Biden, Mr. Langston emphasized that his decision was based on personal ties rather than any political influence.

According to the individual, the Bidens never indicated to him that they would use their relationship with him for any personal gain in terms of business, money, or politics.

Mr. Langston vehemently refuted any claims that President Biden had derived any financial gain from his business endeavors with James Biden. He emphasized that he would never propose such an arrangement, as it would have been swiftly dismissed.

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