Ivory likely to win Fulton County Commission seat, defeating Hall in District 4

Preliminary results indicate that the Fulton County Board of Commissioners will undergo some changes as the race for Fulton County Commissioner in District 4 was taken to the ballot on Tuesday evening.

According to election projections, Mo Ivory is set to win the race against incumbent Natalie Hall in their bid for a seat on the commission. If the projections hold true, Hall will be removed from her position.

According to the preliminary results of Tuesday’s election, Ivory emerged as the projected winner with 77% of the votes in her favor, while Hall secured 1,075 votes compared to Ivory’s 3,537 votes.

Officials have yet to certify the election tallies, even though they have been received.

In the past few months, Hall has been in the news due to an investigation into whether or not she had inappropriate relations with a member of her staff. The allegations were brought up and discussed during public commission meetings in September.

In January, the county commission was found liable for terminating her chief of staff when he declined to engage in an exclusive relationship with her. As a result of this infraction, the commission had to put up posters to publicly notify about the incident.

In the following month, Hall’s colleagues on the commission made a decision to cut down the budget of her office. The decision was taken partly to compensate the staff member who was terminated.

Police launched an investigation in April after the removal of the posters.

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