Alabama police advise on spring break safety following Riley Strain incident

Alabama law enforcement officials have issued a warning to teenagers and young adults ahead of spring break. They are urging them to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety during this time.

A 22-year-old college student named Riley Strain went missing for two weeks in Tennessee before being discovered in a river.

It is currently unclear what happened to him or whether he was intoxicated. However, video footage does show him stumbling on the night he went missing in downtown Nashville.

“I find it truly unfortunate for us in law enforcement that we come across these situations more frequently than necessary,” expressed Sgt. Jeremy Burkett from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. “We view these incidents as preventable cases.”

Parents should take action before sending their children away for spring break, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff.

Sheriff Derrick Cunningham emphasized the importance of having serious conversations with young people about drinking.

Consuming alcohol is prohibited for individuals under the age of 21.

“I understand that some people may try to sneak in alcohol, but it’s important to have someone with you who doesn’t drink and can be responsible,” Cunningham emphasized.

Groups should have a responsible chaperone who can stay sober, ensure everyone stays together, and act as a designated driver.

It is crucial to have knowledge about the individuals young people spend their time with during vacations. Peer pressure has the potential to give rise to various issues.

“Now that they’ve consumed alcohol or taken something, it might have changed their mindset,” Burkett explained. “As a result, they might make decisions that they wouldn’t typically make.”

Apps like Life360 or the Find My app provide parents with the ability to monitor their child’s location and even find out who they are with.

According to Burkett, parents have access to numerous devices and applications that enable them to stay informed about their young drivers’ activities.

It is crucial for parents to maintain open communication with their children, emphasizing that their mistakes can have significant repercussions, says the sergeant.

ALEA has recently kicked off its fourth annual spring safety campaign called “Think Smart Before You Start.” For further information, you can read more about it here.

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