Is It Illegal To Drive Barefoot in Kentucky? Here’s What the Law Says in 2024

Ever hopped in the car for a quick errand, forgetting to swap your flip-flops for shoes? You’re not alone. Many drivers wonder if cruising barefoot is legal. While it might seem like a common traffic violation, the answer depends on where you live. So, is it illegal to drive barefoot in Kentucky? Let’s dive into the Kentucky traffic code and explore the legalities and safety considerations of barefoot driving.

Kentucky Law on Barefoot Driving

  • No Specific Prohibition: Unlike some states that have laws against driving barefoot, Kentucky has no statute explicitly outlawing the practice. This aligns with the majority of U.S. states.
  • Driver’s Handbook Recommendations: Kentucky’s official driver’s handbook, though not legally binding, recommends wearing proper footwear while driving. This recommendation highlights potential safety concerns associated with barefoot driving.
  • Legal Gray Area in Case of Accidents: The absence of a specific law doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride if you’re barefoot behind the wheel and involved in an accident. In such scenarios, an officer might cite you for reckless driving if they determine your lack of footwear contributed to the accident. This citation could come with points on your license.

Safety Concerns of Barefoot Driving

  • Reduced Feel and Control: Bare feet lack the same level of feel and control compared to proper shoes. This can make it difficult to maintain a firm grip on the pedals, especially during emergencies or slick road conditions.
  • Risk of Slipping: Loose objects like pebbles or a wet floor mat can easily slip underfoot, causing a distraction and potentially impacting your ability to control the vehicle.
  • Difficulty Maneuvering Pedals: Bulky sandals or flip-flops can get caught under pedals or restrict your ability to quickly switch between pedals.

Alternatives to Barefoot Driving

  • Comfortable and Secure Shoes: Opt for shoes that provide a good grip on the pedals and allow for easy movement between the accelerator, brake, and clutch (if applicable).
  • Keeping a Pair in the Car: If you frequently find yourself forgetting shoes, consider stashing a comfortable pair specifically for driving in your car.

Beyond Kentucky: National Perspective

  • No Nationwide Ban: There’s no federal law prohibiting barefoot driving in the United States.
  • State-by-State Variations: While Kentucky and most states don’t have specific laws against it, some states like Illinois have laws requiring the driver to have “control” of the vehicle, which could be interpreted to indirectly address barefoot driving.

Insurance Considerations

  • Potential Impact on Claims: Though rare, some insurance companies might use barefoot driving as a contributing factor to deny a claim partially or fully if they believe it impacted your ability to control the vehicle safely.

Safety Tips for Barefoot Drivers (Even Though It’s Technically Legal)

  • Avoid It If Possible: While not illegal, it’s always recommended to prioritize safety and wear proper shoes while driving.
  • Use Caution in Certain Conditions: If you must drive barefoot, be extra cautious during bad weather, on slippery roads, or at night when visibility is reduced.
  • Ensure a Secure Fit: If you choose to wear sandals, flip-flops, or other open-toed footwear, ensure they have a secure fit and won’t slip off while driving.


Kentucky law doesn’t explicitly prohibit driving barefoot. However, the Kentucky driver’s handbook recommends wearing proper footwear, highlighting potential safety concerns. It’s crucial to prioritize safety and wear shoes that provide optimal feel and control of the vehicle. Considering the potential legal and insurance complications that might arise in case of an accident, it’s wise to err on the side of caution and avoid barefoot driving altogether.

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