Irvine Authorities Charge Long Beach Pair with Organized Retail Theft

Mocobizscene- Two men from Long Beach experienced a harsh reality when they were apprehended for a crime spree in Irvine. Thanks to a tip-off, the police were able to locate Eric Charles Taylor, 36, and Henry Zaylen, 21, who were caught stealing over-the-counter medication from a CVS store in the area, as reported by the Irvine Police Department.

The suspects showed a shocking level of boldness by remaining in the store even after the police arrived. They had just hidden stolen goods in their car and returned to the store for more. The Irvine Police Department revealed in a Facebook post that the suspects’ vehicle contained a range of stolen items, including medicine worth over $950 and a set of security keys that belonged to the store.

The pair’s act of shoplifting swiftly landed them in Orange County Jail. Both of them have been officially charged with Organized Retail Theft. The local authorities commended the vigilant witness whose timely call played a crucial role in capturing the suspected thieves. “We are grateful to the witness for promptly contacting us upon witnessing this crime,” stated the Irvine PD’s Facebook page. “Being an excellent witness is exactly what we needed!”

Law enforcement in Irvine has found a catchy way to spread the message that crime doesn’t pay. The #dontcommitcrimeinirvine hashtag has become music to their ears, serving as a constant reminder that both citizens and police are highly vigilant when it comes to maintaining law and order.

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