Investigation Launched on Maryland Teacher Accused of Permitting Female Students to Remove Braids and Returning to Work Following Clearance

After being investigated for allegedly allowing his female students to remove his braids, Marquis White, the Science teacher at a Maryland middle school, has been cleared of any wrongdoing and is set to return to work. White gained widespread attention on social media after a video showing his students taking down his braids went viral. Despite the controversy, White has been exonerated and is ready to resume his role as a middle school teacher.

Cardi B comes to the defense of a teacher who received backlash for allowing female students to unbraid his hair. The rapper stated that the teacher should not be fired for his actions.

A Maryland teacher stirred up a storm on social media on May 5 when he posted a video of himself sitting at his desk while a group of female students unbraided his hair. The video quickly went viral, sparking debates over whether the teacher’s actions were inappropriate or simply a way for his students to express their creativity and feel comfortable in his classroom. While some criticized the teacher for crossing professional boundaries, others defended him, pointing out that he had confirmed the students had completed their work for the day before allowing them to explore their artistic side.

Rapper Cardi B was one of the many individuals who expressed their opinion on social media regarding the issue. She defended the teacher and stated that he should not be terminated as he was a sincere individual and a beloved member of the school community.

Cardi B recently spoke up in defense of a Maryland teacher who allowed his students to take down his braids. As a mother of a young daughter and son with her rapper husband Offset, Cardi B shared her perspective on the matter during a live Instagram video. She explained that having a daughter changes one’s perspective when it comes to girls, and that she wouldn’t want her daughter around any men. Despite the controversy, Cardi B does not believe the teacher should be fired due to the current shortage of teachers.

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According to Cardi, the girls’ fondness for their teacher is a clear indication that their classmates also hold him in high regard. She emphasized the positive impact of having a teacher whom the students genuinely like, as it motivates them to pay more attention in class and strive for academic excellence. The artist also speculated that the teacher must have a strong rapport with his students, given their admiration for him.

In July, two months after the incident, the Maryland teacher expressed his gratitude to Cardi B for standing up for him while he was under investigation. He also shared that he was cleared of any wrongdoing after having his students remove his braids. In a video, White revealed that he was initially frustrated with the lengthy and challenging investigation. However, he eventually realized that the officials’ thoroughness ensured that he wasn’t “an actual weirdo that slipped through the cracks.”

In addition, White expressed gratitude towards his local school community, as well as the parents of his students. He even acknowledged those online who expressed more outrage than his own students’ parents. White also took responsibility for his actions, admitting that he was in the wrong for sharing videos of his students on his personal social media accounts, despite having received permission from their parents. He mentioned that the school district does not condone such behavior and as a result, he will be serving a 5-day suspension without pay.

According to White, the situation is quite understandable. He emphasized that he was never fired and did not lose his job. Instead, the County reassigned him to work from home because of some allegations that needed to be investigated. His absence from school was due to this reason. However, he is optimistic about returning to school in August, where he can continue to do what he does best – making learning fun and positively influencing the lives of numerous students.

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