Investigation into the disappearance of 23-year-old mom in Clayton County now being treated as a homicide

A Clayton County family is desperately seeking answers as they grapple with the mysterious disappearance of their beloved family member.

Investigators have come to the conclusion that Briana Winston, who disappeared in March, was a victim of homicide. The focus of the investigation has shifted towards her boyfriend and his wife, who are now considered persons of interest in this case.

It has been six and a half weeks since anyone last saw Briana Winston.

Winston’s cousin Jasmine Walker expressed, “I have experienced numerous nights where sleep eluded me.”

Winston’s family has been expressing concern for weeks, noting that it was out of character for the 23-year-old mother to vanish and leave her 4-year-old child behind.

Walker expressed his surprise at the unusual act of the woman leaving her baby, stating, “Just by her leaving her baby, that’s odd, it’s out of the ordinary.”

Now, investigators are also of the belief that something sinister took place with Winston. They have described the circumstances as “exceptionally suspicious” and are convinced that she fell victim to a crime that rendered her incapacitated. Furthermore, they have gathered enough evidence to strongly suggest that she is no longer alive.

The authorities are currently treating her case as a homicide and conducting an investigation.

The individuals under investigation are Briana’s boyfriend and the father of her child, Michale Edwards, and his recent wife, Brienna Phillips-Edwards. Currently, Michale is incarcerated on charges of aggravated stalking, while Brienna was recently accused of making false statements.

Walker expressed his curiosity about the origin of the false statements, stating, “I want to know what the false statements came from.” He further added that they were unaware of the individual’s marital status and found it perplexing that he continued to pursue his cousin despite being married.

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